Imagine a tailor-made, industrial facility handed to you on a plate. A fully serviced factory, that is only in need of your production plan.

  • UNITED REALTORS, a BOI approved venture, introduces the concept of investment facilitation, by providing tailor-made infrastructure.
  • For the first time in Sri Lanka, United Realtors offers fully serviced factory buildings within the Export Processing Zones operated by the BOI or outside sites approved by BOI.
  • You have the option of acquiring factory premises on lease, lease purchase or outright purchase.
  • Invest with United Realtors and make Investment hassle-free.

After more than a decade of experience in the construction and manufacturing industry, the BMI Group thought it was time to provide exactly that; a complete industry solution. With the birth of United Realtors, under the aegis of BOI, begins a concept that has never been experienced before in Sri Lanka. What this means to an investor, is a complete, worry-free, investment solution.

United Realtors provide a total industrial solution for local and foreign investors. If you are setting up a new business or merely expanding it, you may be familiar with the tormenting hassle of locating a factory site, constructing a factory, searching for raw materials and getting the electricity and water connections. This becomes an even more daunting task when you try to make cost-effective decisions. The capital tied up in the process becomes a strain on your cash flow during the initial stages. Some even decide against the investment because of the risk involved. And other start-up problems relate to financial administration and red tape. As your business develops, the factory would have to be maintained and specialized personnel have to be hired to keep it running.