A novel concept in Sri Lanka, where built up facilities, developed to internationally accepted standards are made available to BOI approved investors for immediate occupation, and this concept would be the first of its kind within the industrial facility market.

United Realtors (Pvt) Ltd., (URL) is a Board of Investment (BOI) approved company set up for the purpose of developing within the free trade zones (FTZ) of BOI, Standard Industrial premises and Facilities which would then be offered to start-up or Expansion stage investors either on a long term lease or with purchase option.

We deliver customer value through :

  • Refurbish where possible existing Buildings & Services to New standard to save on capital cost.
  • Offer flexibility in accepting currency of client's choice & save cost of finance
  • Possibility of Modular expansion on the same location
  • Several years of learning & expertise through past experience
  • We can handle most of the approvals & licences relating to your production facility

BMI Group, our umbrella organization is a network of specialized companies dealing in the building and building services industry brings experience and expertise to URL. Our collective goal is to provide solutions in a partnership with the financial institution and clients, to build a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial. Among our high profile clientele, are Ansell Lanka, Hidramani Group and MAS Holdings etc…